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Ambitious Kesha Ayres is absolutely original

Kesha Ayres is an up-coming name in the dance industry, a DJ and Producer from England currently residing in Indonesia where she is the resident DJ of Bali's world famous Rock Bar when she is not touring.

DjaneMag: Who came up with your name? What does it mean?

Kesha Ayres: Actually my name is totally original, I am not sure of the meaning, my mum just lieks being original so I guess I ended up with a unique name for a British girl haha I used to hate it when I was younger, I wanted a common name like everyone else in my school but as I got older I really started to appreciate my own name.

DjaneMag: Tell me please, how do you begin with music and Djaying? Was it your dream from early years?

Kesha: Actually I have always been involved in music from a young age from singing lessons to keyboard, I was pretty much doing everything but not on an expert level! My family have always been musical too I guess, my dad was in bands and my mum always had the CD player on, she was a huge fan of hip hop and trance while I was growing up and it rubbed off on me. I originally wanted a career in Surfing believe it or not but then I relocated to Bali, Indonesia when I was 18 and got a little bored of just hanging at the beach all day everyday (sounds like a dream haha) so I decided to start djing as a hobby, I never thought that I would be able to make a career out it!!!

DjaneMag: Do you travell a lot? What countries or cities do you like most of all and why?

Kesha: Yes I pretty much travel every weekend, I tour Indonesia most the time but have done events and tours in the UK, Malaysia, Taiwan and India and love every moment of it! I adore travelling and seeing new things, playing to different crowds so it is really perfect for me. I can't really say where I love the most but Australia is really high up on my list, I was living there for a while, It's just a really fun laid back country.

DjaneMag: Do you think that «Dj world» is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous Dj?

Kesha: Well we have some amazing women in the Industry such as Nervo and Helena, I really look up to girls like that, it is not about boobs and the way they look, it is about the music and they have worked hard to get there but in saying that I definitly think it is harder for a woman to prove herself and become sucessful, We have so much more expectation on us than the male djs do and alot of the time people dont show as much respect when you are female, alot of sexism in this industry is all I will say on this topic.

DjaneMag: What challenges have you faced being a female DJ and how did you overcome them?

Kesha: I get people judging me alot, they expect me to go in and mess up but after they are like "wow, you can actually play" Like its a big shock??

DjaneMag: Could you describe your feelings when you play music?

Kesha: I live for music, music is such an amazing blessing that we have been given in life, it has the power to transform any situation we are in and there is nothing more special than sharing my passion, seeing people have a great time listening to my music and the tracks that I choose to play! It is really a special feeling.

DjaneMag: What’s the most difficult thing about your job?

Kesha: Haha well so I love travelling but I hate it too... I love the part when I actually reach my destination but I hate airports and flying! I am waiting for someone to come up with teleportation, how cool would that be?!

DjaneMag: Do you have any exclusive news for readers at this moment you wanna share?

Kesha: I do actually, My latest track "Insaneous" will be released on the UK's Panache Records in the coming months which I am really excited about!

DjaneMag: Can you share your dreams and plans for future? What would you like to achieve?

Kesha: I am not going to hide it, I dream big and expect big things from myself. I would LOVE to be as big as Tiesto one day, that would be amazing and I know it is gonna take a hell of alota hard work to get there but I am working on it! I am focusing hard on improving my music production and am currently working on an album which I hope will be ready by 2016 so I am just really excited with the way things are heading!