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Dj Radness exclusive interview with love from Spain

Spanish Djane Radness, young but has already attracted masses of attention beneath the disco lights from adoring audience.

DjaneMag: You have such an interesting nickname! What does it mean?

Radness: I was looking for a hard-sounding name, so I decided to change the 'M' of 'Madness' for the 'R' of 'Raquel', my real name.

DjaneMag: Being a female DJs, how it looks like?

Radness: I must admit being a female DJ is not easy at the beginning. This industry has always been a business where men lead and they tend to think women only want fame and image and they not think that we love music as much as them...but there are also other cases. The majority of my fellows djs I have worked with have been very friendly with me and they respect the presence of women in the cabin.

DjaneMag: What was the coolest club or festival where you worked?

Radness: Here, in Spain, electronic music wasn't important until a few years ago, but now there are excellent clubs and well-known festivals. I turned 18 years old 3 months ago and until then, people didn't let me play in night clubs, but my best experiences so far are FABRIK, BCM Mallorca, Sunhound Festival and Bloom Music Festival.

DjaneMag: Is there any female Dj you admire and want to play with?

Radness: Yes, there are many women djs that I admire. Nina Kraviz is for me a great example to follow, even though our styles are different. NERVO, Lady Bee, Alison Wonderland, among others, are some of the women that I'd like to play with someday.

DjaneMag: What style of music do you play? What style of music do you listen at home?

Radness: The styles in which I move more are Electro House, Progressive House, Trap and Dubstep, but depending on where I play I adapt to a style or other, as Future House or Hardstyle...I love all styles of electronic music so at home, I listen to everything, it depends on my mood and the day.

DjaneMag:  What are your biggest sources of inspiration when you are mixing or producing music? What do you feel when you play?

Radness: Music always makes me feel very much. When I'm sad it's my way to disconnect from the world and when I'm happy is my way to express it. But especially the answer from people when they see me play and the support they give me are my main reasons for wanting me to improve and do new things to become better. In relation with musical production, any time is good to take a sit and start composing a melody. There are days where I'm more inspired and they are also bad days maybe because I feel overwhelmed and I just need to disconnect a little, but I'm usually looking for time and trying my best to continue and improve with my projects.

DjaneMag:  What's the most enjoyable part of your job and what is the most difficult?

Radness: I enjoy everything I do in relation with music, but it's very hard to miss seeing my friends and my family for a long time because I have to lock myself at home to work hard or  because I have to travel outside my city to play. We, Djs, must spend lots of hours working and trying to make things right, but you feel very proud and reward when that work starts giving good results.

DjaneMag: Do you have any exclusive news for readers at this moment you wanna share?

Radness: Yes! This season, starting in September, I'm going to play all around Spain and I'll go to new cities I haven't played ever, I'm really looking forward it. In October I'll continue playing in cities, but I will focus myself on producing music, this will be my main goal this year, improve in the production area. With a view to 2016, I'll start my own program in a well-known spanish radio station and I'll dedicate a space for young talents by playing songs they've previous sent me. I'll reveal more projects in the next months. For next summer I'd like to have finished what would be my first EP and have finished some collaborations I have begun with other producers this year. I'm very excited and I want to continue working to improve myself as a Dj.