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Exclusive Interview: Diamonds Djs Positive Energy

Diamonds Djs are two personalities and two different sounds connected in one Live Act Project. Karolina (Poland) and Sophia (Germany) are not only fashion models (who did photo shoots for Vogue, Grazia and others).They are creative personalities which are using electronic music to express themselves in a original way. Imagine an energetic combination of a dj set and electronic drums – everything connected with a hard drop of EDM. One of the best fusions ever – live drums , dj and natural beauty. It´s the first female duo which are using live electronic drums in the world EDM scene. Everything solid like a shining stone … solid, shiny and unusual ….like Diamonds.

DjaneMag: You have a fancy nickname) Who is the author of it? Why diamonds?

Diamonds Djs: We thought a lot of time about the name. We had many stupid and ridiculous ideas hahaha - till we get to this point that ¨Diamonds¨ could be cool ….you know , ¨from ashy to classy¨ ))

DjaneMag: Being a female DJs, how it looks like?

Diamonds Djs: It´s really amazing to be a female in this industry. It have of course pros and cons. As girls in the scene you must always show the people that you are ¨real¨ and not a product. But when they realise that you present skills - you get a lot of love and positive energy from them.

DjaneMag: Pros and cons of playing in a duet? Would you like to play separately in future?

Diamonds Djs: We think that it depends of the person - some people are ¨team players¨ and somebody like do their thing alone. We really like to play together, share new ideas, create new things - so we see the future together.

DjaneMag: What was the coolest club or festival where you worked, name please country and city?

Diamonds Djs: ¨Water Castle Festival ¨ in Aguascalientes, Mexico - 15.000 People. Ayy! That was ¨loco¨!

DjaneMag: Is there any female Dj you admire and want to play with?

Diamonds Djs: They are a lot - but we are trying to create are own unique style.

DjaneMag: What style of music do you play? What style of music do you listen at home?

Diamonds Djs: We play mainly electro house, progressive and trap. But we played on a lot of underground events techno and tech-house. We have even a secret dj name for this project - but we can not tell it ...because it will be not a secret any more hahha At home we listen to many things. Electronic music, good hip-hop. Sophie is a drummer so she like rock music of course )))

DjaneMag: What are your biggest sources of inspiration when you are mixing or producing music?

Diamonds Djs: We try to get inspired by everything. Other music genres, different artists, producers. When something sounds fresh and good we definitely use that as some kind of inspiration.

DjaneMag: What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

Diamonds Djs: When a few thousands of people is waiting for your beat drop and after they start to jump like crazy … it s a priceless moment!

DjaneMag: What’s the most difficult thing about your job?

Diamonds Djs: Hmmmm. We play always live with the drums …so we must do the ¨sound check¨ before the show …that is sometimes a ¨pain in the ass¨:)

DjaneMag: Do you have any exclusive news for readers at this moment you wanna share?

Diamonds Djs: Yes ! We are now in the beatport charts on place #58 - we are working on some new things ! It will be crazy. Just check out our Facebook profile this month ))