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Megan Daniels not even going to stop

Megan Daniels is an international DJ, Producer, Remixer,Crowd Entertainer from San Diego (The USA). Modeling, Djing, Playing classical instruments, Boxing and Crossfit! What's next?) Extremely active Megan can share her experience how to combine and how to be successful in everything.

DjaneMag: You worked as a model. Why did you decide to change your occupation?  

Megan Daniels: I started out as a model, and I still do modeling. Doing was just a hobby, but the opportunity arose for me to turn it into a career, so I seized it. So now I do both. I have been modeling for 10 years and DJing professionally for 5.

DjaneMag: We heard that you play in a music band. What musical instruments do you play? Do this skills help you in Djing?

Megan: I played Clarinet in school for 8 years. I learned how to read music and count beats at an early age.. So it definitely helped me with DJing and understanding music.

DjaneMag: What are your biggest sources of inspiration when you are mixing or producing music? What do you feel when you play?

Megan: I have always loved house/electronic music. It makes me happy. I try and incorporate some really good house or EDM into all of my sets. There is no better feeling than spinning for a crowd that is loving the music. I love connecting with people from all over the world through music. 

DjaneMag: Getting inked is a fashion trand now. How many tattoos do you have at the moment?

Megan: I have too many tattoos to count. I started getting them at 15 years old.

DjaneMag: Do you agree that tattooing is a kind of addiction? Once you made one, want more and more and it's very difficult to stop. And do you plan to make more tattoos?

MeganFor some people it can be an addiction. I enjoy getting tattooed, but I believe I have enough and am done getting them for now.

DjaneMag: Have you ever regretted of making a tattoo?

MeganI don't regret any of my tattoos yet... Haha)))

DjaneMag: You have a fantastic body! How much time do you spend in a gym!) What kinds of sport do you go in for?

MeganThank you! I am very dedicated to fitness. I do boxing, Cycling, and crossfit. I like staying very active and workout about 6 days a week.

DjaneMag: Do you have any exclusive news for readers at this moment you wanna share?

Megan: I am working on a new exclusive track that is scheduled for release this winter. I can't wait to share it with the world!