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Amelie Lens & Anfisa Letyago together in a powerful techno night

Amelie Lens and Anfisa Letyago will lead a powerful techno night at Bootshaus on February 3rd


Amelie LensAnfisa Letyago and PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH will set Bootshaus‘ mainfloor on fire this weekend.


If you were looking for a good dose of techno to start the weekend, look no further. Two of the strongest names in female techno today will headline a furious night dedicated to techno at the mythical Bootshaus, and they’re not going alone. This Friday, February 3rd, Amelie Lens, Anfisa Letyago and PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH will perform a killer rave on the mainfloor of one of Germany’s best clubs. The event will start at 11 pm and finish close to sunrise at 6 am the next day. We could provide you with the link to buy tickets, but this event is sold out, not surprisingly, given this lineup.


With doors open for over fifteen years, Bootshaus is the legendary club of Cologne, one of the most emblematic in Germany and has a prominent place in the top 10 of the best nightclubs in the world. Techno is in its essence and although it does not reign exclusively, it shines in its roots, being a temple of choice for lovers of the genre. To the delight of techno lovers, on February 3 the mainfloor of this club will open to the frenetic and impeding energy of two princesses of European techno. Amelie Lens and Anfisa Letyago will fill the venue with energy on a night that promises to be long and sweaty. These performances will be further supported by the household name PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH. The electronic Cologne-based crew composed of AvantMike BibkiSolique and Vintash will thicken this bubbly line-up with their sonic irreverence. It will be a night dedicated to techno. Where? At Bootshaus. Follow this and other events on their social media.


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