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Dear friends, we need to remind you that, as the previous four years, a new voting for the TOP100DJANES 2018 begins on the 1st of March and in this article we want to embody some very important issues.


Firstly, we want to emphasise that you will be able to vote exclusively on, following the link! In order to vote, you need to go through a simple registration process and fill in 5 lines in the voting form with the names of the best female DJs in your opinion. 


The second and important thing is that recently several sites appeared, that are completely trying to copy our work using the same methods, the colors of the design of the site, texts and slogans and even similar or the same name. It looks ridiculous and even absurd, is it really so difficult to show a little imagination and create own ideas, for example at least change the date of the start of the poll and design of it?  We do not care a lot, we are even proud, because for us it means that we become popular and somebody try to use it for achieving their goals. Some of them try to imitate our activity in order to make a rating and promote their DJs, while others imitate the work of our regional representatives, like ( to gain influence in the region, although in fact they have nothing to do with the brand. BUT we want to draw your attention to this in order you do not confuse.


We created our website four years ago to support female DJs from around the world, and not a certain DJs booking company!), we were the first with web news portal that focused our attention exclusively on female DJs. We want to show the world that female DJs work on equal terms with men! They write hit tracks, blow up the stadiums of the biggest festivals in the world as headliners!


Believe, fake likes in social pages CAN NOT add to your popularity or booking, in the same time fake votes can not raise you in ranking. From year to year we face the problem of fake votes during the poll and want to ask you to stop it this year. We take into account only real votes!


Please be attentive and do not confuse, our official pages:

Facebook: @djanemagofficial / @top100djanes

Twitter: @djanemag / @top100djanes

Instagram: @djanemag / @top100djanes

There are also pages of our regional representatives, the rest of the pages are plagiarism or simple fakes.


Thirdly, we would like to dwell on the fact, that many worldwide known female DJs are protesting against any ratings, saying that it is not worthwhile to make any ratings, all the girls are good in their own way and unique. YES !!! Of course, yes, we totaly agree. We need to add that we are focused more on support and news, but not only on ranking.


TOP100DJANES rating exists, on the one hand, for prasing and showing to the world the achivements of female DJs, on the other hand, it is like a push to aspire up for DJanes, who are just starting their career! The ranking does not just exist to show who is worse and who is better ... NO! of course not! Our idea was to create a push, a motivation! You know that to become better you need to know what to strive for and understand who is the best in the sphere you chose! 


Publishing TOP100DJANES at the end of the year, we do all that depend on us to demonstrate the most accurate alignment of forces. Forming this very rating is a very difficult process! We've already revealed that votes of fans are only a part (but the most important part), we also follow the girls throughout the year, fix their successes, the number of released music, performances, participation in festivals, the state of social networks and many other factors, which affect the positions. Also we have experts in regional representatives of DJANEMAG on all continents, who give their recommendations concerning girls from their regions.


To cut a long story short, we need to add, be attentive, participate in the voting, support your favorite female DJs, follow them across all social networks and stay with! We work for you)