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Charlotte de Witte Announce Three-Day Pop-Up Show For ADE

In a thrilling announcement that has set the electronic music community abuzz, Charlotte de Witte, the prodigious Belgian techno artist, has revealed her plans to host an electrifying three-day event during the upcoming Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2023. The announcement came via her Instagram, where she shared her excitement with her dedicated fanbase.


“We’re opening our own club! @KNTXTmusic Turbo Club is coming to Amsterdam Dance Event and we’re coming in HARD! Three days of music, our own shop and food in an epic, yet to be revealed location. Line-ups will be announced last minute,” wrote de Witte in her Instagram statement.

This announcement marks another pivotal moment in Charlotte de Witte’s already illustrious career. Known for her dark and driving techno sound, de Witte has been making waves in the electronic music scene for years. Her recent accomplishments have solidified her reputation as one of the busiest and most dynamic techno artists of the moment.


Earlier this year, de Witte expanded her KNTXT concept to an international audience by bringing it to The Brooklyn Mirage in New York. The event was a massive success, showcasing her ability to curate an immersive and intense techno experience that resonated with fans on both sides of the Atlantic. The KNTXT brand, which has become synonymous with cutting-edge techno and unforgettable experiences, is set to make an even bigger impact at ADE 2023.


In addition to her KNTXT events, de Witte’s performance at the Ultra Music Festival 2023 mainstage marked a historic moment in her career. Taking to the stage in March, she captivated the massive crowd with her signature blend of pounding beats and entrancing melodies. The performance not only solidified her status as a techno powerhouse but also highlighted her versatility as an artist who can command any stage with her electrifying presence.


Charlotte de Witte’s decision to host a three-day event during ADE 2023 underscores her commitment to pushing the boundaries of techno and creating unforgettable experiences for her fans. The inclusion of a dedicated shop and food options within the event demonstrates her meticulous attention to detail and her desire to create a complete and immersive environment for attendees.


While the location for this eagerly anticipated event is yet to be revealed, there is no doubt that de Witte and her team have something extraordinary in store for attendees. With line-ups promised to be announced at the last minute, attendees can expect an element of surprise and anticipation that adds to the overall excitement.