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DASCO releases 'Powerful Woman' EP; a celebration of femininity [MUST LISTEN]

DASCO is undoubtedly an artist on the rise. The Berlin-based DJ/producer has hit a rich vein of form of late, with her party-starting cuts signalling a fine start to life for her Bisexuality Exists Records


The full EP follows the release of the titular track in December, which comprises as an acid-laced uptempo techno cut. Relentless in fashion, it shapes up as a rallying callout to women, transgender, bigender and non-binary folk in electronic music.


“Some people won’t take you seriously because of your gender," DASCO explains. “They think you’re not talented and that you’ve nothing to offer – aside from the pictures on your social media. ‘Powerful Woman’ is a reminder that this is most definitely not the case."


The EP's second track, 'Acid Queen', follows on in its acid techno predecessor's fashion, this time including the producer's own vocal contributions. It's a trippy cut, firmly cementing DASCO's establishing sound which is everything but your usual techno.

The record's B-side houses two remixes: Johannes Volk's deep interpretation of 'Powerful Woman', transporting the record to emotive 90s sounds, is followed by Sean Hernandez as his Chicago Skyway alias with his take on the same track. Clinging onto the original cut's essence, it involves a greater sense of euphoria to round off the EP.


"Powerful Woman’ is a celebration of femininity and a reminder for people the world over to stay confident, focused and to remember that everything is possible and to never give up," DASCO explains. "We shouldn't let anything distract us from our goals and ambitions. Remember; we are much stronger than we think!

"I would like to inspire women to feel confident and be proud of who they are, be proud of their femininity, their strength and independence"


You can check out DASCO's latest EP, 'Powerful Woman', now. Do so below.



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