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Learn how to master tracks and run a record label with Saffron’s 7 Days of Sound workshops for women, non-binary and trans people

Saffron, a UK-based non-profit organisation, has organised the third instalment of its online workshops – designed to support and offer opportunities to women and non-binary musicians


Named 7 Days of Sound, the event takes place over the space of a week, and offers aspiring producers and musicians the opportunity to learn about the industry and receive advice from industry experts.

This is the third instalment of the series, which was first organised by the Bristol-based company in 2015.

In the week’s worth of music tech workshops, women, non-binary people and members of the trans community will have the opportunity to access sessions about all aspects of the music world.

These include advice on mastering a record, tips about running a recording studio and help with DJing and music production. A full itinerary of the scheduled workshops is already available to view online.



Find further information and tickets for 2023’s 7 Days of Sound on Saffron’s website.


H/T MusicTech