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Lika Flux will join Marshmello during his Russian debut show

On November 17, American electronic dance music DJ and producer of Marshmello will perform at the Moscow Media Dome (formerly Tesla Place).

Actually, it will be a Marshmello Russian debut and his first show in Russia promises to be really special.

Today, Marshmello has a multiplatinum collaboration with Selena Gomez "Wolves", the hit single "Friends", recorded with British singer Anne-Marie and a number of global super hits, including the recent collaboration with Bastille "Happier".

Besides Marshmello, the lineup includes some popular Russiam DJs (@kiidaofficial @gpolmusic @bass_jk @baskymusic @aagromov) and what is even more cool, that this male line-up will be decorated by the bright female DJ Lika Flux! 

Don't miss the event and don't forget to support Lika Flux at!