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LISTEN NOW! Global Vibe Radio Featuring Julia Govor

New York City-based DJ, producer and JUJUKA label boss Julia Govor delivers this week's Global Vibe Radio mix!

Born in Russia, Julia started as a singer in a military band back in the USSR and ended up in New York.

She’s collaborated with some of the most well-known electronic dance music producers and contemporary DJs – artists such as Kamran Sadeghi, Ricardo Villalobos, Nina Kraviz and Jeroen Search.

Her productions lean towards the sophisticated side of original Detroit Techno, while keeping it dry, detail-loaded and diverse. She’s most known as a producer who has her own unique and innovative sounds.

In this mix Julia presents absolutely vivid selection of modern Techno, Trance and Breakcore also featuring her new tracks from Winter Mute EP

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