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Distributor Clone Records revealed it would no longer be working with the Russian DJ and producer earlier this week.

Nina Kraviz has posted a statement online explaining why she hasn't been posting on social media about the Russia-Ukraine war.

The statement, in part, reads: "As a person, musician, and artist I am deeply moved by what is happening in the world. It's appalling what my country's relations with Ukraine have become. I am against all forms of violence. I am praying for peace, it pains me to see innocent people die.

"I am a musician and was never involved in supporting the politicians or political parties, I am not planning to do it in the future. I don't understand politics or the social processes it creates. So I don't think it is right to talk about it on social media."

This comes after Clone Records published a statement on Monday (May 16) to clarify why the company ended its agreement with Nina Kraviz and her label Trip Recordings.

It cited her silence over Russia as the primary reason to end its agreement with the DJ and producer.

Clone Records decision to end the distribution of Nina Kraviz's releases and further releases from Trip Recordings was mentioned in a TIME article published late last week.

This article is critical of Nina's positionality amongst the ongoing conflict, and claims that it has divided the electronic music scene.

Representatives from Nina’s team told Mixmag: "When Clone informed the label early April that they wouldn’t prolong the distribution contract they promised a smooth ending to the contract. The contract normally runs until December 2022 unless an alternative solution were to be found. Nina accepted this decision, however, the label asked Clone for a course of action for the coming months, given that Clone didn't renew the contract.

"Since early April, Clone have sent out multiple mailings to their clients cancelling releases and pre-orders as well as informing them about ending the contract and respecting said contract unless a solution were to be found. Clone have still not specified to the label how they wish to proceed.

"The latest concept album ”all his decisions” was delivered to Clone in 2021 without issues and sent into production.

"Mid-April Clone asked for the meaning of certain track titles. Given the current circumstances, the label gave them quotes from the artists involved explaining the titles, even when the distribution contract excludes all artistic matters. After worrying and disrespectful discussions, Clone decided to put the vinyl production on hold. Nina accepted that but at this point the relation broke down.

"The label informed Clone about switching to the new distribution company effective immediately on Saturday 14 May.