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Pioneer DJ: New rekordbox iOS update allows DJing with only iPhone or iPad

Pioneer DJ have issued a huge upgrade to their rekordbox iOS app with version 4.0, now offering a range of new features and add-ons


The free app allows users to make their DJ setup portable and use just an iPhone or iPad to control a multitude of effects on a virtual set of decks – or link up the app with a set of DDJs or CDJs.

Version 4.0 is all-new for iOS, and supports both TIDAL and SoundCloud with an added subscription service. The app also allows you to use music not saved on your device using Cloud Library Sync, an additional paid service which links to your Dropbox account.



“Mix songs from playlists anytime, anywhere,” reads rekordbox’s website. “You can now use the rekordbox app to DJ live, with a host of performance features at your fingertips.”

All functions in the app are said to be “easy to use one-handed”, allowing you to create playlists in portrait mode, and mix, scratch, and add effects using the virtual decks in landscape mode.

Using the app, you can also connect additional gear like DDJs via USB or Bluetooth, and use music from your mobile to play on your connected decks.


While the app has been upgraded for iOS, users can still use it with Android, although supported streaming playback from TIDAL will not work. A number of DJ performance functions and connection to physical gear like the DDJ-FLX4 will also not be supported.

Additional performance features can be added at a cost, while an in-app subscription is said to “enable a host” of added effects.


Find out more about Pioneer DJ’s upgraded rekordbox app here.



H/T Mixmag