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Tech news: Reloop RMX90 DVS mixer - NAMM 2017

Tech news for DJs. Today we want to share a video with the new Reloop RMX90 DVS mixer. 2017 appears to be a quiet year for DJ and production gear! 

Straight from Anaheim, California, Reloop showed their new Reloop RMX90 DVS mixer. Vinyl is back for good, which is why Reloop developed the RMX-90 DVS 4-channel club mixer. It has an extra channel, it's DVS-ready, and it comes with Serato DJ and two time code vinyl records so you can start right away. Reloop is known for their plug-and-play equipment, and this mixer is no exception! Simply plug in a turntable using the phono connection, connect a laptop via the USB port, hook up your speakers, and you're good to go. Set it to phono if you want to play an analogue set, or CD if you want to go digital.

Let's watch on!