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WATCH NOW | Nina Kraviz Live | Coachella Curated 2019

If you were not so lucky to be a part of Coachella this year, you must watch this! 

Absolutely unique performance, made by Russian artist Artem Nanushyan for Nina Kraviz. It is a mixture of visuals, spoken performance, choreography and singing during her live set.

Today the video is available on!

By the way, Paper wrote an interesting article and made an interview with Nina, read it here:

Show by Sila Sveta and Artem Nanushyan

Video by Artem Nanushyan 


Wally Badarou and Nina Kraviz - Duchamp - unreleased 
Nina Kraviz - unreleased 
Roma Zuckerman - Unknown Space Parameter - forthcoming on trip 
Nina Kraviz - unreleased 
Buttechno - dubstepping - trip 
Artem Nanushyan - unreleased 
Nina Kraviz - unreleased 
Nina Kraviz - Dream Machine - Trip 
Nina Kraviz - Pochuvstvui - Trip 
Nina Kraviz - Mr. Jones - Rekids 
Nina Kraviz - j - unreleased 
Nina Kraviz - I want you - trip 
Polarius - nemo airfield - Creme Organization 
Nina Kraviz - stranno neobjatno - trip 
Vladimir Dubyshkin - nothing happens - forthcoming on trip 
Carlota - Entropy to Syntropy - forthcoming on trip 
Buttechno-the hard kicks - unreleased 
Deniro - untitled-forthcoming on trip 
Shed: Lumber Fix TT-The Final Experiment/Nowt Recordings Berlin/Published by Edition NOWT / Random Noize Musick 
John Beltran - Anticipation - R&S 
Nina Kraviz - Acid storm