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Why SoundCloud Bursting Would Be A Loss For DJs, Producers

Love them or hate them, the online music platform Soundcloud has been a fundamental force in the development of modern DJ and production cultures. Today, contributor Steven Maude explores why and how a sudden implosion of the site would be so devastating.

There’s been much speculation about the future of SoundCloud this month. Founded in September 2007, whether they’ll reach their tenth birthday seems far from certain, despite later assurances from SoundCloud CEO, Alex Ljung, that everything is fine. Redundancies and office closures are less the sign of a company in rude health, and more of a rude awakening.

Going from play to a sudden stop would be a shame for three reasons, whether you’re producer, DJ or a music lover – today we take a closer look at why:

1. SoundCloud’s social network + user-supplied content is unmatched

There are lots of other big streaming services out there. Where SoundCloud differs from those is that the social network aspects are tightly integrated, and there’s a lot of user-supplied, and user-created content. And the space where SoundCloud operates uniquely makes it easier to find music by lesser known or newer producers, a valuable tool for both music fans, but also DJs.

Say you happen to browse around and stumble across a producer you like. If they prolifically post work by other music makers, that gives you an easy route to more music discovery.

Where the music is new and flourishing, this works especially well; a recent example being producers making a splash with wave music. A lot of those producers are tightly woven, either collaborating or enthusiastically playing out or promoting each other’s music. Follow a few and you’ll soon discover more.

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By Steven Maude